Unhappy Marriage

We help you to reconnect and create deeper levels of intimacy.
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We help you to reconnect and create deeper levels of intimacy.

Unhappy Marriages are not just restricted to disagreement with joint families and unwanted interference of in-laws. These days, however, men and women are seeking help to deal with problems like temperamental issues, infidelity, intimacy, and addiction.

Our counselors can assist you in marital discord. We help you reconnect emotionally, restore trust, improve communication, solve problems together, and create deeper levels of intimacy. We take joint sessions with couples to understand their reasons for an altercation. We help you settle your differences in matters like loss of a job, financial crisis, and emotional struggles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can marriage counselling save my marriage?
  1. If you are mulling over this question, then let’s understand how counselling can save the marriage
    Counselling can provide an opportunity to improve communication between the couple
  2. Counselling is a preliminary step before heading for a split, through professional help you can resolve issues related to children, finances, and shared responsibilities
  3. As we know the pain of divorce outweighs the pain of troubled marriage, talking about custody of a child, finances after a split, alimony can create mental agony not just for the couple but also for the family. Counselling can address the conjoint problems even if divorce is inevitable
  4. Two fundamentally different individuals with different values, priorities, preferences, and beliefs are going to have a very difficult time understanding each other in a deep, compassionate way. Developing a safe environment to discuss the basic problem is the ideal way to sort the difference, and that is where you need a relationship coach.
Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes, we do. Contact us for more details.

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