Ending a relationship is tough and painful, loneliness is inevitable after your break up seems downright unendurable. Most men and women take care of these void by avoiding their feelings. For most folks loneliness occurs because their partners were part of their daily routine, from the night, and early morning, the days you’re accustomed to spending time together with your ex-partner.

They may indulge in excessive drinking, or start binge eating to give themselves comfort. For lack of company, they may entertain themselves with movie marathon or spend too much time on Facebook or social media 

While these activities will cut down your loneliness but it doesn’t resolve your inner conflict. What’s worse, doing these rejection activities can make you feel vulnerable. You’ll find yourself wallowing in self-pity or maybe self-hate as you suffer the side effects of those activities. You’ll wish to isolate and conceal out from others.

This article will help you to overcome this loneliness in a constructive way

Share your feelings with your confidant

Pain is simpler to handle once shared. Though you’ll still feel alone in your home, knowing that there is someone who cares for you can be very comforting. If you’re worried regarding overburdening your friends and family together with your loneliness, tell them that you just want to be heard 

Heal and grow high 

Turn your loneliness into a chance to grow yourself showing emotion in ways in which feel real. Books, work and exercise might be a better idea.

Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings

People often don’t distinguish between what they expect and feel. Don’t suppress the feeling of loneliness. When you can distinguish between your feelings and reality, you stop inflicting yourself this pain. Feeling lonely might become a lot more tolerable, so even if you are feeling lonely here during this moment it is just a phase and this too shall pass.

Identify and label your emotions

Though it may sound very amusing, it is important to label the emotions that transpire into sadness. The feeling of untagged emotion is truly what we want to ignore but in reality that will surface in one way or another. Once you label your emotions exactly, you cut back their negative power. You may not believe this truly works till you are trying it.

Loneliness doesn’t feel nice however, armed with the correct ideas and action, you’ll flip it into a chance to organize yourself for the simplest relationship of your life.